About Wo Wo

WO-WO is the result of two brothers’ enthusiasm for cars that goes deeper than driving. We love keeping them looking good and that means washing, polishing and protecting because we know how good it feels to stand back and admire a deep glossy finish.

In our search for the best products to make our cars look great we decided the only thing to do was create our own range of detailing products for people who care as much as we do about their cars, vans and bikes. We've created a specialist range of detailing products that we think will make a real difference to the finish of your pride and joy. We've tested them with fellow enthusiasts and only the best got through to our final selection.

We continually asked ourselves: “would I use it on my car?” as we developed our range of detailing products. So when you buy a WO-WO PRODUCT you can be assured that it has been considered, tested and developed with the detailing fanatic in mind. There are many tried and tested cleaning products on the market, so why not use the best quality application products to apply them?

Our final word: we stand by our products, their design, functionality and most of all practicality. If you have any suggestions - from one enthusiast to another - then please feel free to contact us at[email protected]