Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit
Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit
Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit
Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit
Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit

Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit
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The Wo-Wo 20 Litre Kit Includes:

x1 Microfibre Refresher (5 Litres)

  • The Wo-Wo microfiber refresher detergent is perfect for removing grime and maintains the cleaning properties of microfibre with every wash.
  • Keep your microfibre cloths & towels at the peak of performance.
  • Regular washing with clothing detergents can be harmful to the microfibre; which may affect the absorbency and product removal qualities of cloths & towels.
  • Simply add 4-5 capfuls of microfibre refresher to your wash to clean, restore and maintain microfibre time after time.
  • Includes x1  5 litre bottle.

x1 Rinse & Dry Enhancer (5 Litres)

  • Wo-Wo Rinse & Dry Enhancer. Developed to help further reduce surface contact.
Directions Of Use-
  • After washing and rinsing your vehicle add 100ml to an average sized watering can and complete a second rinse. The sheeting properties will gather residual water and run off all surfaces. An alternative application is to add a mix ratio of 2-5 to a pump sprayer and generously cover the car in between washing and final rinsing. Leave it to dwell for two minutes (reduce if the surface is warm or ambient temperature is high) then rinse.
  • Scent - Pomegranate

x1 Shampoo (5 Litres)

  • Wo-Wo Shampoo. A formulation for the perfect clean, with no added gloss enhancers.
  • A High Foaming Shampoo. No Gloss Enhancers which can degrade final finishes. Suitable for use after last stage protection and on all areas of your vehicle. 
  • Scent - Pomegranate
Directions of use-

Add 2-4 cap fulls to 15ltrs of warm water.
Wash the vehicle.
Once the wash routine is complete rinse thoroughly with clean water. Avoid letting the vehicle dry before the rinse stage.
  • For best results use with the Wo-Wo Wash Mitt range.

 x1 Wheel Cleaner (5 Litres)

  • Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner. A powerful cleaner that helps break down brake dust and all over road grime.
  • A solvent free wheel cleaner to help with the removal of all road inflicted grime. Minimal effort with maximum effect. Suitable for all wheel finishes.
  • Size - 5 Litres
Directions of use-
Generously cover the wheel using the trigger spray, allow the product time to penetrate the grime but don’t allow the product to dry before rinsing.
  • For best results agitate the wheel cleaner before rinsing with a Wo-Wo Detailing Brush.
  • We recommend that a pressure washer is used where possible for an even better rinse