Before polishing or applying finishing glazes it's important to remove surface contaminants that haven't been removed in the wash and pre-wash process.
The WO-WO CLAY BAR is perfect for using with just water and is equally happy to be used with a clay lubricant.
When applying polish, glazing or wax products it's important for the Microfibre to be of the highest content and weave for the job in hand.
The WO-WO MICROFIBRE CLOTHS have a 20% polyamide content to produce fantastic cleansing properties. They retain dirt particles and reduce the risk of marring and the appearance of swirl marks. The WO-WO GLASS CLOTH has been designed to have a slightly different weave, perfect for a streak free finish.
TOP TIP: Make sure that you change the piece of clay bar regularly and only use a small amount for each panel. Don't forget you can use clay on your glass too, you'll be amazed of how much you'll get off glass! You can never have enough Microfibre cloths, the more frequently you change the cloth the more you'll reduce the risk of marring. Always clean the cloths regularly and try and only use one for each product between washes.

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