Wo Wo's Detailing Den

Here at Wo-Wo we don’t consider ourselves to be professional detailers, but we are dedicated enthusiasts.

After convincing my wife to let me spend a small fortune on converting my garage in to the Wo-Wo Detailing Den, I thought I should start and make good use of it.

I have done various projects and these can be seen on the Wo-Wo You Tube channel, but the one which has had the most interest and views has been the Mk 5 Golf GTI - Click Here

To be fair the paint on this one needs some work, but I was really pleased with the end result.


I’m always open to tips and advice from other enthusiasts, so if you have anything to share drop me a me line.

More can be seen on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL  Wo-Wo Detailing Accessories

Anyway, back to my Den now….

Best, Neil