Wo-Wo Winter Prep Car Detailing

Many of us like the look of a nice shiney car in the spring and summer but often forget to give our cars and bikes a winter protection detail, most of the time due to the poor weather and lack of an indoor facility to do it in. However if you can overcome these obstacles then a winter protection detail will undoubtedly make your spring detail even easier.


Our top tips:-

Pay attention to those areas that you know get heavily contaminated, try and make sure these are 100% clear before applying your winter protection as this will just make life easier in the spring. A clay mitt is handy tool to have as these are less fussy than a clay bar and can be used to quickly to small areas – and when you use ours your hands wont get too cold as it acts like a glove too! (clay products)


Before the really poor weather arrives try and multiply the layers of wax on your car, two should do it and offer ample coverage for a few months. (Foam Pads & MF Cloths)


Try and clean your car at least once a week, even if this is just a pre-wash pressure wash and snow foam to keep some of the contaminants at bay


If you can’t do this at home over the winter them get a decent foamer bottle and take it to your local forecourt pressure washer (without the brush obviously!!)


Wheels – get them sealed! It’s as simple as that; this will reduce the time spent on cleaning them and having clean wheels lifts the whole appearance of the car. (Foam Pads & Wheel Mitt)

Don’t forget to seal your glass. Most manufacturers will boast how it helps with defrosting the windscreen etc – and they’re correct! A good glass sealant will not only help your windows clear when wet, which increases visibility but the hydrophobic layer also helps to put a barrier between your glass and the frost, and no-one wants to be either scraping their glass or sitting a freezing car longer than they need to. (MF Cloths)

And lastly; there’s no reason for your interior to ever be filthy regardless of the time of the year. A lot of people neglect their interior glass (which is the Bain of my life), but getting this done helps with the mist clearing which again reduces the time you might have to sit and wait for glass to clear on those cold morning. (glass cloth)


Hopefully you’ve found that informative and if you have any questions drop us an email on [email protected] and we can perhaps offer suggestions on products that will help with all of the above.