How do I wash a microfibre cloth or towel?

As specialists in the supply of microfibre products to detailer and enthusiasts, we are asked this a lot.

We know that quality microfibre cloths aren’t cheap, so maintaining their performance for as long as possible is something that we all want. The key is not to damage the polyamide which is an important component of a quality microfibre product.

Here are a few hints and tips which might help:-

  • Avoid excessive heat when cleaning as this can damage the microfibre
  • In most cases, light soiling from waxes, sealants and glass cleaners can be removed by rinsing the cloth under a warm tap, or, in some cases, by putting in the washing machine on a rinse wash (max temperature 30 degrees).
  • Allow to dry naturally on a washing line, using the unique Wo-Wo mesh drying bag if you have one.

Clean microfibre cloths on washing line

  • We do not recommend using a tumble drier.
  • For more heavily soiled microfibre products, you may want to use a specialist cleaner such as Wo-Wo Microfibre Refresher. Again we suggest that this is done at low temperature

Wo-Wo Microfibre Refresher

  • Do not use a household detergent, such as wash powder or fabric conditioner as this may impair the performance of your microfibre product
  • Finally, and this probably goes without saying, if you drop your cloth or towel on the floor stop using it straight away and get it cleaned. None of us like to see swirl marks in the paint!

We hope you find this useful and if you have any other tips we would be more than happy to share them

Best wishes,

Duncan and Neil