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8pc Foam Applicator Pad Set

8pc Foam Applicator Pad Set
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The Wo-Wo foam applicator pad has been designed to make product application an easy task within your detailing routine. After use, the sponge can be rinsed thoroughly in warm water, left to dry then it will be ready for next time. The Wo-Wo foam applicator is ideal for applying waxes, polishing and protectants.
  • The Wo-Wo Foam Applicator Pads are designed for applying hard and soft waxes or polishes to all surfaces
  • Made from a quality sponge which doesn't over absorb wax or polish
  • For best results use in conjunction with Wo-Wo Microfibre Cloths
  • NOTE : Mesh bag not available, apologies from Wo-Wo
  • Set of 8 pads

Size: 10cm x 2cm Approx.